How to Improve
Your Tennis

(and have fun doing it)

Here, in an easy-to-read PDF ebook, are all the fundamentals required for the beginning or intermediate tennis player to take their game to the next level.

Tennis with Feeling ensures that you have a solid foundation so you can improve all aspects of your game. At $29.95, it’s less than the cost of a single tennis lesson.

What the Experts Are Saying

Alan Lane was a very experienced player and was ranked 10th in Australia when Laver, Newcombe and Emerson were ranked 7th and when there was a great depth of tennis in the 60’s. Alan has much to give from his experience and I am sure that you will learn much from this book on how to better your tennis.

Margaret Court, AO, MBE

Winner of 24 Singles and 38 Doubles Slams

Alan’s book is a treasure trove of advice and insights for beginning, intermediate and even advanced club-level players. It distills many years of experience into one valuable resource for improving all your strokes and developing a complete game.

Evonne Goolagong-Cawley, AO, MBE

Seven-Time Slam Title Holder

Alan is a very experienced and highly respected tennis coach. In this book he has targeted the club player and the beginner. He simplifies the game and tells you how to improve fundamental skills. I thoroughly recommend it.

Colin Stubs

Former Tournament Director, Australian Open

(This book) will help develop players of all ages and standards. It is simply written, easy to understand and filled with anecdotes of Alan’s experiences. I am confident you will enjoy reading this book so much, you will want to find a court and start practising.

John Marks

Former Director of National Coaching, Tennis Australia

What You’ll Learn

  •  The Four Components of Tennis
  •  Learn about all the different feelings in the game of tennis
  •  Gain more confidence in yourself and your tennis game
  •  Improve your knowledge of tennis—knowledge translates into winning
  •  The secret source of power
  •  Learn about match play percentages and tactics
  •  The advantages and disadvantages of one hand versus two hands
  •  How to volley and master net play
  •  How important it is to have the correct spin on the ball
  •  Correct major technical weaknesses in your game
  •  How far you may have to run in one point
  •  Cope better with distractions, wind, sun and different court surfaces
  •  Which animal you need to emulate to achieve perfect footwork
  •  Which animal’s rhythm and movements you need to copy to hit with maximum power
  •  Which famous monument is your guide to the perfect serve
  •  When you need to hold the racket really tight
  •  Calculate and work within the limits of your spray factor
  •  Understand why tracking the ball is vitally important
  •  How high above the net you need to aim for
  •  Why you need to keep a black book
  •  Where your racket needs to be facing on each shot
  •  Get the best possible enjoyment from tennis
  •  And much more!
Alan Lane

Alan Lane

Tennis Coach and Author

Hello, my name is Alan Lane. I have been coaching for over forty years.

Over those years many people have asked me to write a go-to reference for all tennis fundamentals. It was only recently that I sat down and put pen to paper.

I had initially planned for the book to be quite concise. However, I found that the more I wrote, the more ideas came into my head. I then decided to copy and use all the teaching techniques which I had gathered from thousands of pupils. My stories, my visualizations, my analogies and my tricks and gimmicks. Over the years I had gradually refined all of these teaching techniques, finally using only the ones which worked and were foolproof.

These successful, foolproof items are the essence of this book. They have worked for thousands of pupils. They can work for you, too.